mercoledì 7 marzo 2012

Drawing Architecture

"I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster allowing less room for lies".
Le Corbusier

Private villa in Hyderabad (India) 2011 - Studies 

"I know I draw without taking my pen off the page. I just keep going, and that my drawings I think of them as scribbles. I don't think they mean anything to anybody except to me, and then at the end of the day, the end of the project, they wheel out these little drawings and they're damn close to what the finished building is and it's the drawing..."
Frank O. Gehry

Waterfront Helsinki (Finland) 2011 - Studies

“Drawings are modest and intimate…this is no impediment to the breadth of their embrace or range of their creative horizons. Drawings are arguably the most revealing and spontaneous renderings of the human imagination… their immediacy defies the limitations of time…”

Public garden in Roma (Italia) 2011 - Studies

"The drawing is a lens revealing otherwise imperceptible aspects…a method for understanding how things can change and evolve not for crystallising a form in a definitive way but to demonstrate the possibilities of what it can become"
Zaha Hadid

Private villa in Sardegna (Italia) 2012 - Studies

"An architectural drawing is a prospective unfolding of future possibilities…a recovery of a particular history to whose intentions it testifies and whose limits it always challenges. In any case a drawing is more a shadow of an object, more than a pile of lines."
Daniel Libeskind

Private villa in Sardegna (Italia) 2012 - Studies

"When I make my drawings... the path traced by my pencil on the sheet of paper is, to some extent, analogous to the gesture of a man groping his way in the darkness." 
Alberto Giacometti

Private villa in Sardegna (Italia) 2012 - Studies

"To draw, you must close your eyes and sing"
Pablo Picasso

Private villa in Sardegna (Italia) 2012 - Studies