giovedì 18 settembre 2014

Berlin and the others

BERLIN - Lou Reed
Alcune delle illustrazioni attualmente in mostra in Francia presso il Goente-Institut di Lione: Sono tutte immagini che raccontano la Germania sotto diversi punti di vista. Partendo dalle biblioteche

Some of the illustrations currently being exhibited in France at the Goente-Institut in Lyon: They are all images describing Germany from different points of view. Starting from libraries


BERLIN - Clarchens Ballhaus

BERLIN - The Grimm Zentrabibliothek

BERLIN - Holocaust Memorial

BERLIN - The Jewish Museum

KOLN - The Kolumba Museum

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  1. Fabio, you are an inspiration! Your artwork just keeps getting better and better. When I retire I would like to get back into my artwork and do more photography as well.


  2. Ciao Greg, sorry I am replying so late!
    Thanks so much, I really appreciate a lot. When I'll retire I will do a coast to coast trip by bicycle, so we can share our experieces, what do you think? :-) Well, ...actually,'re much much more involved in artwork and photography, than I am in with bicycle rides... I have to start now. Thank you, and congrats for all the good news about Rebecca and the boys! Auguri to you all, guys