lunedì 4 novembre 2013

Shadows of Rome

"Rome is a city of shadows, where light in the blaze of noon shows the motionless present"
S. Holl

Barilari _ Roma - Campo de Fiori_Xlt
Campo de' Fiori
Barilari _ Roma - Cassette_Xlt
"I first experienced manifest space in architecture, inside the Pantheon in Rome.
What I experienced, was not a conceptual space. Was truly space made manifest.
When this structure, with its simple geometrical order is lit by the light, introduced by an oculus 9 mt in diameter at the apex of the dome, architectural space truly is made manifest. This condition of matter and light can never be experenced in nature.
T. Ando
F Barilari_S Maria della Pace_Xlt
Santa Maria della Pace - Pietro da Cortona
"Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light. Our eyes are made to see forms in light; light and shade reveal these forms; cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders or pyramids are the great primary forms which light reveals to advantage; the image of these is distinct and tangible within us without ambiguity. It is for this reason that these are beautiful forms, the most beautiful forms."
Le Corbusier
F Barilari - Chiostro del Bramante_Xlt
Chiostro di Santa Maria della Pace - Bramante

Barilari - Roma_Xlt
Area del Teatro Marcello
"Rome is a city where one could spend a lifetime in Pythagorean silence and still not know it"
J. W. Goethe