sabato 25 aprile 2015


‘Madrid-PereirAlive’ is one of the finalist teams of the World's most important Sustainable Building competition: ‘Latin America-Caribe Solar Decathlon 2015’: Students from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad Católica de Pereira, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira and Universidad Libre Seccional de Risaralda compose the team, creating a multicultural and multidisciplinary group.

‘TYPE House’ (Take Your Place EcoHouse) is the project developed by the team. It is a simple house, an alive system where the resident is the heart of the dwelling and of the city. It represents a dynamic dwelling, which changes constantly, according to the different ways of living and inhabiting. This flexibility and dynamism are achieved with mobile equipped furniture that distribute the space.

Despite the fact that it is a solar and self-sufficient house, TYPE House shows how these solutions can be adapted to social dwelling, always aiming at a recovery of the cultural memory and character of the Colombian people including traditional concepts such as the patio and the social concept or the commercial use inside the house.

The project has been presented in fairs as "Genera" in IFEMA, Audi Smart Cities Charts, E.T.S. de Arquitectura de Madrid, in Cultural Centers as Matadero, in SDLAC 2015 Workshop, Cali and in Cuba, at the Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría, La Habana. 
One of the goals of the competition is the social awareness.

In November and December 2015, Cali, Colombia, will host the first Latin America& Caribbean edition of the Solar Decathlon competition. There, students will build a solar five people house. Once the ten tests (decathlon) are finished, the winners will be able to participate in an Urban Research Process to build their project in the strategic expansion area of Cali.

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