sabato 15 febbraio 2014

Architectural Review

The Architectural Review has just selected and published these two works I made in the last years.
A new debate is growing about meanings and targets of drawing in architecture in the digital era.
The Architectural Review presents an interesting selections of works in its Architectural Review's Folio.

From their website:
"The Architectural Review's Folio Project is a growing archive of the best architectural drawings from around the world. Highlighting unknown students, small practices and selecting work from influencial portfolios, AR Folio promotes the finest architectural drawings old and new"

From the point of view of architectural research, this new interest in drawing, brings with it many topics suspended in the last 20 years of digital revolution, several potential developments, great risks.
On one side, the research, projected towards the need for a dialogue between this primary medium of human's expression and the most advanced research in computing, as well as the contemporary social issues. 
On the other, the risk of an erroneous nostalgic view and misunderstood meaning of the drawing media, which can only lead to an involution of the architectural discipline.

The Architectural Review, "the home of architectural criticism since 1896", published in UK, is one of the oldest, most important and well-known publications about architecture in the world. A real institution.
I'm honored of their appreciation of my work, also because I think that this debate is going to grow in the next years, and it will be important to mantain the distinction between evolution and involution, in drawing architecture.

Architectural Review Folio - F Barilari_Harbor Town
Architectural Review Folio - F Barilari_Architettonica