venerdì 2 ottobre 2020

Architect Nina Maritz

Lateral Thinking in all its beauty and power. 

"Our practice philosophy can be expressed by the Navajo/Diné concept of “hozho”, i.e. environmental beauty, the happiness one experiences by being in harmony with nature. Architecture can only be complete when it works well – true beauty comes from a combination of the pragmatic, the aesthetic and the sustainable.

(...) Contextual response is crucial: appropriate approaches in a country like Namibia entail careful deployment of funding to achieve as much as possible without wasting resources. Thorough design and lateral thinking make the most of limited means. The aesthetic impact of using materials in unusual ways, exploiting their natural textures and colours, can push the boundaries of architectural design."

from Architect Nina Maritz - Ethos

All images are © Nina Maritz Architects

Video producer: Joris Komen & DNKMN Object Kinematics