lunedì 17 aprile 2017

Picture House published on Designboom Magazine

Particolarmente onorati dall'invito e l'articolo dedicato oggi da parte di Designboom Magazine

Particularly honored by the invitation and the article dedicated today by Designboom Magazine

Picture House - Barilari Architetti

from Designboom Magazine presentation:

"Designboom is based in Milan, Beijing and New York and has gained a global reach of 4 million readers and 450.000 newsletter subscribers.

Founded in Milan in 1999, designboom is the world's first and most popular digital architecture and design magazine. 

Designboom aims to bring together professional and young creatives from a diverse range of backgrounds. By publishing the latest news and key issues in the fields of architecture, design, technology and art, our mission over the past 17 years has remained the same: unearthing the best projects and curating a selection of the most interesting aspects of contemporary culture... before you can find it anywhere else.

Today designboom is the most comprehensive source with over 43,000 articles worth of useful information and insightful interviews, studio visits, documentation of new products, reviews of exhibitions and books, and historical surveys.

In 2007, TIME magazine chose designboom as one of the TOP 100 design influencers in the world, one of just eight online publications to be so named."