giovedì 18 settembre 2014

Berlin and the others

BERLIN - Lou Reed
Alcune delle illustrazioni attualmente in mostra in Francia presso il Goente-Institut di Lione: Sono tutte immagini che raccontano la Germania sotto diversi punti di vista. Partendo dalle biblioteche

Some of the illustrations currently being exhibited in France at the Goente-Institut in Lyon: They are all images describing Germany from different points of view. Starting from libraries


BERLIN - Clarchens Ballhaus

BERLIN - The Grimm Zentrabibliothek

BERLIN - Holocaust Memorial

BERLIN - The Jewish Museum

KOLN - The Kolumba Museum

domenica 14 settembre 2014

Beyond Visibility

The village of Tiébélé lies in the south of Burkina Faso, near Ghana. It’s a small village, with a land area of only 1.2 hectares, but also an important one because the residents are the royal members of the Kassena people, one of the oldest ethnic groups in Burkina Faso. It is a very difficult place to get to because the Kassena people wish to remain isolated from outside influences and preserve their own buildings and traditions. They believe modernity is a threat to their culture, and so prefer to keep to themselves as much as they can and limit their visitors. It takes a long process of negotiations to be admitted into the village.

"Space has no room, time not a moment for man. He is excluded. 
In order to 'include' him — help his homecoming — he must be gathered into their meaning (man is both the subject and object of architecture).
Whatever space and time mean, place and occasion mean more.
For space in the image of man is place and time in the image of man is occasion.
Today space and what it should coincide with in order to become 'space' — man at home with himself — are lost. 
Both search for the same place, but cannot find it.
Provide that place."

"Is man able to penetrate the materials he organises into hard shape between one man and another, between what is here and what is there, between this and the following moment? 
Is he able to find the right place for the right occasion? is he permitted to tarry?
No. So start with this: make a welcome of each door, and a countenance of each window.
Make of each a place, a bunch of places of each house and each city, for a house is a tiny city, a city a huge house.
Get closer to the centre of human reality and build its counterform — for each man and all men (today the architect is the ally of everyman or no man).
Whoever attempts to solve the riddle of space in the abstract will construct the outline of emptiness and call it space.
Whoever attempts to meet man in the abstract will speak with his echo and call this a dialogue.
Man still breathes both in and out, when is architecture going to do the same?
When it does watch the thin lines — those narrow borderlines — loop into the places people need; watch how they are persuaded to loop generously into a tiny-huge.
Inbetween realm
It is with this in mind that i venture to call architecture
built homecoming"


"When I say: make a welcome of each door and a countenance of each window; make of each a place and a bunch of places of each house and each city, because man's home-realm is the Inbetween Realm (the realm of architecture sets out to articulate), my intention is to provide the right scope for multimeaning.
As soon as the equilibrating impact of the Inbetween Realm (extended so that it coincides with the bunch of places both house and city should be) manifests itself in a comprehensibly articulated configuration, the chances that the terrifying polarities which hitherto have harrassed man's right composure may still be reconciled will certainly be greater.
It is still a question of twin phenomena, a question of providing the inbetween places where they can be encountered, readily mitigating psychic strain."

"Tree is leaf and leaf is tree- house is city and city is house - a tree is a tree but it is also a huge leaf - a leaf is leaf, but it is also a tiny tree - a city is not a city unless it is also a huge house - a house is a house only if it is also a tiny city"

All the qotes come from 

Many thanks to Laura Scarpa for making me descover this magical place and architecture
Beautiful images here

mercoledì 10 settembre 2014


(S)treep to Gaza

C'è questa bella iniziativa per raccogliere fondi a favore della ricostruzione del sistema sanitario di Gaza: (S)treep to Gaza
Sono stato invitato, insieme ad altri illustratori, a realizzare un disegno sul tema, da mettere in vendita on line.
Le persone che hanno organizzato sono fidate e so che i soldi raccolti andranno a buon fine, per cui se avete voglia di comprare l'illustrazione mia o di qualcuno degli altri, trovate tutte le info nel link qui del sito di Comicout. 
Il testo è di Fabiana: 
“Così il mare rifletteva le loro anime, livellava le loro differenze, leniva la loro inquietudine, sussurrava di pace e speranza ai loro bambini”

(S)treep to Gaza
Acquerello e tecnica mista su carta indiana lavorata a mano - 25x25

venerdì 5 settembre 2014


Après la Tour Paris 13, la team Itinerrance dépose ses valises dans un village traditionnel de l’île de Djerba, Erriadh.
Véritable musée à ciel ouvert, Djerbahood est un village investi par des artistes venus du monde entier. Le village d’Erriadh à Djerba accueillera cet été les oeuvres d’une centaine d’artistes de trente nationalités différentes. Erriadh, lieu authentique  et traditionnel, deviendra un espace d’expression pour chacun des artistes issus de cultures diverses.

Djerbahood su Instagram