sabato 7 novembre 2020

Intangible Reality

"XVII_model 1l" © Fabio Barilari

Should you like to see my lecture "Intangible Reality", here it is. Its main focus is on "Drawing" as a powerful act of self expression in (and out of) the architectural design process. 

Many thanks again to Prof. Bea Martin from Birmingham School of Architecture, for her kind invitation. Further amazing lectures will be hosted every Wednesday at 6pm (UK Time) on her ARCHIZOOM lectures series. 


Ecco il video della mia lecture "Intangible Reality". E' focalizzata sull'atto del Disegno come potente mezzo di espressione interno ed esterno al processo progettuale architettonico.

Mille grazie alla Prof. Beatriz Gomes-Martin di Birmingham School of Architecture per il suo gentile invito. Altre ottime lectures verranno presentate ogni Mercoledì alle 17:00 (ora in Italia), all'interno della serie ARCHIZOOM lectures 

Bea is a fully qualified British architect and urbanist with a set of skills and experience that fall in the practicing of architecture and urban design, as well as in the teaching of its theories, training, and enthusiasm for the built environment.

Bea is the founder of Archilibs, an experimental design lab exploring the visual construct in architecture. In her role as a visual theorist, the focus is on a conceptual investigation, digital and analog, of the apparatus of drawing, the challenging boundary of drawing as a work of art, in a research that is both architectural and artistic but never an end in itself. Archilibs questions and reiterates the mission of drawing through continuous research, intense interrogation, and devotion to craft. Exploring the graphic theoria, praxis, and poiesis of architectural verbalisation as a process for drawing. Her work is not limited by the normal conventions of architectural delineation, rather a representation of different types of explorations, material, connections, and notions; A body of drawings that transverses a wider visualisation and verbalisation of the inherent reasons underlying architecture and the built environment.


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lunedì 2 novembre 2020

Intangible Reality _ Lecture


Wednesday November 4th at 6pm (UK time) (7 pm - Italy time) I will present my lecture "Intangible Reality", whitin the ARCHIZOOM Lectures series.

You can join the ArchiZoom Meeting following this link to participate:


Mercoledì 4 Novembre all 19 (ora in Italia), presenterò la lecture "Intangible Reality", all'interno della serie delle ARCHIZOOM Lectures.

Per chi fosse interessato, potete partecipare iscrivendovi al seguente link:


Thank you very much to Prof. Bea Martin from Birmingham School of Architecture, for her kind invitation.