sabato 6 aprile 2019

The Shed (and the others)

Ieri lo studio Diller Scofidio + Renfro, a NY, ha inaugurato The Shed.

The Shed - DS+R Architects

Qualche anno fa, Industriarchitettura mi propose di pubblicare un articolo che avevo precedentemente postato qui, in Inglese, su Andy Warhol: "Una breve, intensa storia dell'arte".

Avevo tentato di ricucire una serie di passaggi che andavano dagli inizi degli anni 60 a oggi, in maniera totalmente trasversale a tutte le discipline artistiche e culturali di New York, fino alla trasformazione fisica, in atto in questi anni, nella città più rappresentativa del XX secolo e l'articolo si concludeva menzionando il libro di Laurie Anderson e Aaron Betsky sulle "Aberrant Architectures" di Diller e Scofidio.

DS+R Architects

DS+R Architects

In sostanza, mi interessava provare a mostrare come ci fosse una linea continua di evoluzione che trovò nella Factory un'incubatrice perfetta, partendo dalle sperimentazioni musicali di Lou Reed e John Cale, passando per il vandalismo dei graffiti di Basquiat e gli arresti di Keith Haring nella metro, per arrivare alle sperimentazioni sulla città di DS+R.
Senza soluzione di continuità.

DS+R Architects

DS+R Architects

Un articolo ottimo sullo sviluppo urbano di tutta l'area di Hudson Yard a Manhattan, critico ma molto interessante e graficamente eccezionale, è questo pubblicato pochi giorni fa sul NY Times:
Is This the Neighborhood New York Deserves?

DS+R Architects

DS+R Architects

The Shed's construction was initially opposed by local community leadership. Board members on Manhattan Community Board 4 stated that the Shed "could lack class", that the word "culture" is too vague for the name of such an exhibition space, and that problems could arise when a 20,000 square feet (1,900 m2) space is closed off twice a year for two weeks (adding up to a month annually) for New York Fashion Week Community board members also state that when the retractable roof is closed, 20,000 square feet (1,900 m2) of open public space would be lost. Additionally, some expressed concerns that the large value of the Capital Grant allocation—US$50 million—was too much money to award to a building that did not yet exist.(2)

Naturalmente, per motivi sempre diversi, furono altrettanto criticati gli album su droga e prostituzione dei Velvet Underground o i graffiti su muri e metropolitane di SAMO o Hering.

Ieri Elisabeth Diller e Ricardo Scofidio, a NY, hanno inaugurato The Shed e secondo me, se si vuole comprendere cosa significa applicare la ricerca all'urban design, l'architettura, l'arte e, più in generale, allo sviluppo culturale, vale la pena di vedere questo video.

In fall 2016, the Shed also started a citywide dance program about social justice issues. It also partnered with the MIT Media Lab to assist artists who were creating works involving virtual reality and artificial intelligence (3)
On that day, April 5, the Shed is set to join a rare lineage of new institutions that offer wide-ranging, interdisciplinary programming on a large scale, like Lincoln Center in the 1960s, or the Museum of Modern Art in the late ’20s. (from TheNew York Times)
Tra i primi eventi in programma: 
BJORK'S CORNUCOPIAMAY 6 – JUNE 1, 2019 _ Sold out

Björk’s most elaborate staged concert to date
A World Premiere Shed Commission

In a first for the innovative multidisciplinary artist, Björk and a team of digital and theatrical collaborators, including award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, and director Lucrecia Martel, will present a new staged concert of live musical arrangements, digital technology, and stunning visuals. A chorus and cast of musicians will join Björk for this eight-concert engagement in The Shed’s iconic space, The McCourt.

sabato 2 marzo 2019

30 Nodi @ Saatchi Gallery _ London

"30 Nodi" _ © Fabio Barilari
Great news. 
"30 Nodi" has been selected by Saatchi Gallery in London, to be shown on Saatchi Screen.
Should you be in London, it will start from tomorrow.
Ottime notizie.
"30 Nodi" è stato selezionato da Saatchi Gallery a Londra, per essere esibito in Saatchi Screen.
Se siete a Londra, l'evento comincerà domani.

martedì 26 febbraio 2019

Sounds from Nowhere

Non so chi siano nè da dove vengano.
Credo dal Madagascar.
Trovati in rete, ma non sono riuscito a trovare altre informazioni.
E' talento allo stato puro.

lunedì 28 gennaio 2019

Nouvel Louvre

A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed and in the end must be unmeasurable
- Louis Kahn

Louvre Abu Dhabi - Architect: Jean Nouvel 


All climates like exceptions. Warmer when it is cold. Cooler in the tropics. People do not resist thermal shock well. Nor do works of art. Such elementary observations have influenced the Louvre Abu Dhabi. It wishes to create a welcoming world serenely combining light and shadow, reflection and calm. It wishes to belong to a country, to its history, to its geography without becoming a flat translation, the pleonasm that results in boredom and convention. It also aims at emphasizing the fascination generated by rare encounters.

It is rather unusual to find a built archipelago in the sea. It is even more uncommon to see that it is protected by a parasol creating a rain of light.

The possibility of accessing the museum by boat or finding a pontoon to reach it by foot from the shore is equally extraordinary, before being welcomed like a much-awaited visitor willing to see unique collections, linger in tempting bookstores, or taste local teas, coffees and delicacies.

It is both a calm and complex place. A contrast amongst a series of museums that cultivate their differences and their authenticities.

It is a project founded on a major symbol of Arab architecture: the dome. But here, with its evident shift from tradition, the dome is a modern proposal.

A double dome 180 meters in diameter, offering horizontal, perfectly radiating geometry, a randomly perforated woven material, providing shade punctuated by bursts of sun. The dome gleams in the Abu Dhabi sunshine. At night, this protected landscape is an oasis of light under a starry dome.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi becomes the final destination of an urban promenade, a garden on the coast, a cool haven, a shelter of light during the day and evening, its aesthetic consistent with its role as a sanctuary for the most precious works of art.

Jean Nouvel

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi


All material in nature, 
the mountains and the streams and the air and we, 
are made of Light which has been spent, 
and this crumpled mass called material casts a shadow, 
and the shadow belongs to Light.
- Louis Kahn